Price List

All prices are work only, materials are additional, since different materials make quite a difference in the final price. Also added design details, like extra buttons, or fur edgings / linings etc. might change the final price.

This price list is updated regularly, please check for updates. Last revised 17 March 2024

Doublets and Kirtles

14th/15th/16th century men’s doublet £300

14th/15th/16th century arming doublet, quilted £400 – £600

9th/10th/13th/14th century men’s cote or surcote £250 – £300

9th/10th/13th/early 14th century women’s kirtle £250 – £300

14th/15th/16th century women’s fitted kirtle £280 – £350

Gowns and coats, men and women

14th/15th/16th century men’s short gown or coat, unlined £180

14th/15th/16th century men’s or women’s long gown, unlined £300

Linings will add ca. £100 work time to a gown
Cloaks, unlined, £130 – £150

Hose, Stockings and Trousers

14th/15th/16th century joined hose, stirrups £180
14th century single leg multi-pointed hose with stirrups £100
14th century single leg single-pointed hose with stirrups £90
footed hose add £50 to price estimate
Stockings for women all period, £80
16th century breeches, galligaskins or venetians £200
16th century slashed upper stocks £220
16th century lower stocks (footed, top of the leg cloth stockings) £140
Early medieval men’s trousers £140 – 240


Shirt, medieval, with run and fell seams £120
Smock, medieval, with run and fell seams £160
Shirt, Tudor, no ruffles £200
Smock, Tudor, no ruffles £230
Decorative seam and ruffles can be added, price to be discussed
Underbreeches, long £90
Underbreeches, short £50 – £60
15th century men’s underwear (based on a late 15th century example) £40


Veil £40 – £100
Coif / Birgitta coif £25 – £90
Hoods, different types £45 – £90
Chaperone £60
Women’s headdresses £70 – £100
beading or embroidery will increase the price


Set of 12 points, loop manipulation, wool, with brass aiglets and iron rivets £60
Set of 12 points, silk, with brass aiglets and iron rivets £90
Long lace, linen or silk, loop manipulation or braided, £25
Parti-coloured or more time consuming designs will be more expensive

Personal Toile

Basic shape most fitted garments derive from £60